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Floral greeting cards for every occasion

If you love flowers, then when you think of sending someone a birthday card, wedding card or even just a note, floral themed greeting cards will be your top choice.

A row of pale blue greeting cards featuring english garden flowers
Floral greeting cards made in England

I love pretty floral greeting cards but I particularly love simple and contemporary floral designs. I am an artist making handmade silkscreen prints of flowers that are a blend of contemporary art and the beauty of nature, celebrating the shapes, colours and seasons of English garden flowers. My art depicts the simple shapes and colours of English garden flowers, each on a calm, pale blue background.

The art of letter writing may have dwindled - gone are the days when long, hand-written letters would be sent back and forth between friends when I was at school - but most of us will still pick up a pen and write in a card for a friend or loved one, whether that be as part of a birthday card, a wedding card, or simply a 'I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you' card. Flowers are especially good for this last one - 'I saw this flower and it reminded me so much of you...'

There is nothing quite like receiving a card in the post and recognising the handwriting of someone you know and love before you've even opened it, giving it that immediate personal touch. And then imagine opening the card and seeing a vibrant floral print of your favourite flower, and knowing that someone has taken the time to think of which flowers you will love.

Flower themed cards are perfect for so many occasions:

Floral wedding cards

When you use a floral wedding card you can tie it in to the floral theme for the wedding. If it is a summer wedding, sunflowers, peonies, lavender and roses would be a great fit.

So many weddings have flowers at their centre. Whether it's a card inspired by the brides floral bouquet, or maybe flowers inspired by the venue, flowers are synonymous with weddings.

Anniversary cards

Following on from the wedding card theme, anniversary cards can likewise be matched not only to the favourite flowers of the bride and/or groom, but to the wedding flowers or flower themed wedding styling. If I was a man looking for a wedding anniversary card for my wife, I know your wife would be extremely touched if you bought a card that featured flowers from the wedding.

a pale blue card featuring a contemporary sunflower design, standing on a wooden shelf with buttercups
Sunflower greeting card

Floral birthday cards

If you're looking for the best birthday card for a friend, a pretty card for mum, or a floral card for your grandmother, they will be so touched if you think of a flower they really love and then use that to send your personal greetings and wishes. It may be that a certain flower holds particular significance for someone dear to you, or reminds you of a place that's special to you both. I have friends for whom lilies, peonies, dahlias and roses all have a particular significance and place in their hearts.

Sunflowers are so full of joy and inspire happiness, making it a great birthday card choice.

Condolence cards / sympathy cards

When someone passes away flowers come into their own - flowers are one of the things that bring colour in a dark time, and in a very personal way can be used to celebrate the life and loves of that special person.

If you're looking for a sympathy card, again, flowers that were special to your loved one are always a good choice to send to friends and relatives of the deceased. However, the Forget me not is a flower that holds a poignant and timeless message that the special person you have lost will never be forgotten.

If you're looking for seasonal floral greeting cards but aren't quite sure which flowers go with which season, here are some ideas for seasonal flower cards:

Spring greeting cards

If you're looking for a spring greeting card ideas take a look at the following:

Greeting cards above in order: apple blossom greeting card, bluebell greeting card, daffodil greeting card, forget me not greeting card, tulip greeting card

Summer greeting cards

If you're looking for seasonal summer greeting cards see if any of these would fit the bill:

Greeting cards above in order: red rose greeting card, sweet pea greeting card, iris greeting card, pink roses greeting card, lavender greeting card, campanula greeting card, dandelion greeting card, dahlia greeting card

Autumn greeting cards

If you're looking for a seasonal autumn flowers on a greeting card check out the following:

Autumn flower greeting cards above in order: Hydrangea greeting card, Dahlia greeting card

Winter greeting cards

If you're looking for seasonal winter greeting cards these will brighten up a drab winter day:

Winter flower greeting cards above in order: Cyclamen card, Hellebore card, Snowdrops card, Holly card

(Yes, I know Holly is not a flower, but it's a staple of the winter garden and I couldn't resist!)

I hope this has given you some inspiration for floral greeting garden ideas whatever the occasion, especially if you are looking for contemporary floral greeting card designs.

Head to the stationery page on the website to take a look at all the greeting cards on offer.

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