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Free flower seeds UK

I'm so grateful for all the support I have had from you, my customers,

so I'd love to share these flowers with you from my garden.

You can get one pack of each variety per customer, and all you pay is the postage (75p)

Each variety of seeds are supplied in a separate small brown envelope.

If you would also like order other products from my site while you're here (even just a card) you will just pay the postage cost for the product you buy and the seeds come along for the ride.

Please bear in mind these are seeds from my own garden, harvested by me to the best of my ability and not professionally processed.

I will add to the selection as and when I have more to share. Enjoy!

campanula flowers_edited.png

Campanula persicifolia

Pretty herbaceous perennial to grow in a

cottage garden or as part of a mixed border

Digitalis purpurea seeds

Pretty woodland flower or garden border flower.

Hesperis (sweet rocket)

Hesperis matronalis seeds

A herbaceous perennial producing masses of sweet scented flowers of white, pale lilac and purple in early summer

Verbena bonariensis seeds

Small florets of purple flowers grow on tall, thin, leafless stems in summer.

Verbena bonariensis
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