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Spring flowers for Mothers Day

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

A mug lying on its side with a biscuit inscribed with 'happy mothers day'and a fresh daffodil
Mother's Day mug gift

Flowers on Mother's Day are traditional - Mothering Sunday became established as a holiday for servants who were given leave from their employers to visit their mothers; they would gather fresh flowers on their journey home and give them as a gift.

Mother's Day falls on Sunday 27th March this year. At that time of year the spring garden should be in full swing, so how about some spring garden flower gifts to go with the season? If you're starting to think about gifts for mum, here are some ideas.

Yellow daffodils in sunlight
Spring Daffodil flowers

My Daffodil mugs feature a yellow daffodil against a blue background - the yellow and blue together are so fresh, uplifting and spring-like - no wonder they're one of my best sellers. Always a favourite spring flower, the Daffodil is a symbol of hope, rebirth and new beginnings as it is one of the first flowers to bloom after the winter frost. These sunny yellow flowers bring a smile after the long cold winter, and warm the heart.

Why not give your mum a big bunch of Daffodils for Mother's Day along with a pretty Daffodil mug? That will be sure to really brighten up her day, and once the fresh flowers fade she will continue to treasure her flower mug and enjoy a good cup of tea for many years to come (we know it's all about the tea...).

A pencil drawing of apple blossom with some flowers
Apple blossom drawing
pink apple blossom flowers
Pretty pink apple blossom flowers

Another of the best-loved spring flowers in the UK is the Apple Blossom. Apples (Malus) are spring flowering trees, and while the variety of apple tree may vary the apple blossom flowers never fail to impress. In shades of pink and white, their pretty petals are so delicate and are the beginning of the fruit itself. A truly welcome sight in spring to see a fruit tree swathed in beautiful blossom.

My apple blossom flower mugs feature a cluster of pink and white flowers wrapped around the fine bone china on a background of clear sky blue. This is another best-seller of mine, and people always comment on how pretty these are. If you're looking for flower gifts this one is a must.

For the finishing touch you can buy mum a Mother's Day card to match her mug. All my flower mugs come with matching floral greeting cards so you can stick with the spring flower theme.

If you'd like to buy something more substantial for your mum, how about a set of mugs? These fine bone china floral mugs come either in a set of four mugs or a set of six mugs. Save up to £24 when you buy them as a mug set. (All mugs come individually boxed).

These fine bone china mugs are all made 100% in Britain, so not only are they really pretty mugs, but they're sustainable mugs too. Made exclusively at a heritage pottery in Stoke on Trent using only Cornish clay, these are a really authentic British gift for Mothers Day allowing mum to relax with tea.

The ONLY trouble with fresh flowers is that they don't last, but with a fine bone china floral mug, your flower gift for Mother's Day will last for many years to come.

Head over to the website and browse Mother's Day flowers.

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