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Christmas tea towels

When you think of Christmas you may not immediately think of tea towels. However, tea towels are the unacknowledged artworks of the kitchen - or at least this is how I see them.

Hanging a beautiful tea towel in the kitchen is another opportunity to fill the home with flowers and art. Read on to find out about my Christmas tea towels.

If you're looking for tea towel ideas then take a look at the floral tea towels I have on offer, all inspired by the English garden.

This week I added the holly tea towel to my collection as my Christmas tea towel design.

The sprig of holly complete with red berries is an iconic image when it comes to the British Christmas. Don't just deck the halls with boughs of holly, but the kitchen too!

This is a Christmas tea towel featuring a large print of the much loved holly. The design is taken from an origianl art print of mine and features one large sprig of holly complete with red berries.

If you're looking for tea towels made in England (or Christmas gifts made in England in

general) these definitely fit the bill. Designed by me in Kent, and printed and sewn in Lancashire, you can be assured that these are tea towels made in the UK. They come folded and wrapped with a simple kraft paper band making them perfect for gifting.

They won't just brighten up the kitchen for the Christmas period, but will bring a bit of the winter garden into the home - as well adding a festive touch to the Christmas washing up.

To find out more head to the product page to take a look.

And why not check out the rest of my floral tea towels on the homeware page? There are several flower tea towel designs to choose from, each one fresh and bright. Head over to the product pages and see if you can find your favourite flower.

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