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Top 3 floral Mother's Day gifts

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

If you're looking for a beautiful Mother's Day gift this year, here are some ideas for some pretty flower mugs that would make the perfect gift for mum. Let your mum relax in the garden this Mother's Day with a beautiful British mug of tea...

I can't talk about pretty mugs for Mother's Day without talking about the Daffodil mug - perhaps the star of the show in spring-time here in the UK. The Daffodil is a symbol of hope, rebirth and new beginnings - this is such a hopeful, joyful image of a proud yellow Daffodil against a blue spring sky.

So many people comment on how fresh and uplifting this mug is, and it's a perfect spring gift. If your mum loves flowers and gardening she can't fail to love this pretty Daffodil mug. You could even plant some little mini Narcissus in the mug if you were feeling green-fingered.

Well-deserving of it's place as one of my best-sellers.

The Apple blossom mug is another firm favourite - especially at this time of year. Apple blossom are some of my favourite flowers - so incredibly pretty, and like magic they will turn into sweet and juicy fruit. They are said to symbolise good fortune and the promise of better things ahead - what could be better than that?

This mug is a firm favourite among my customers. I know some people really love the larger flower design that wraps around the mug - it is the most flower-filled of my flower mugs.

It's such a pretty mug to drink from all year round. Your mum can drink her tea from this mug and dream of pretty apple blossom whatever the time of year.

Last but not least I had to include my Sweet pea mug in my top three floral Mother's Day Gifts.

A flower that can be seen as old fashioned, this pretty English cottage garden flower has seen a resurgence in recent years and is much-loved in contemporary gardens.

So many customers I meet say that this flower reminds them of their mum or their grandmother, or their grandmother's garden. I drew this delictate sweet pea flower in the front garden of my mums house where I grew up, and created a pretty handmade silkscreen print from the drawing. This flower mug features the same delicate pink sweet pea print on a pale blue background, twisting tendrils reaching into the air.

It is an exquisitely dainty flower, and the scent is intoxicating too. Your mum might even have some sweet pea seedlings growing at the moment! And she can toast the flowers when they arrive with her pretty sweet pea mug this summer.

I hope that has given you some inspiration for great Mother's Day gifts. These floral mugs make the ideal floral gift. You might be looking for small Mother's Day gifts in which case these could be just the thing.

All mugs can be sent by post and there are matching greeting cards available. If you buy a card I can even write a note to your mum for you and send it direct to her - just message me in the notes section of the order page.

There are lots of other floral mugs on offer - Forget me not, Roses, Lavender, Iris....

Click the link below and head over to the website now to browse and pick your favourite flowers for Mother's Day.

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