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Roses gifts for Valentines Day

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Roses have become a popular gift on Valentines Day. Across the world Roses and Valentines Day are so linked together when we celebrate this festival of love, but why, and where does this link between Roses and Valentines Day come from?

The first Valentines Day was all the way back in the year 496 making it a very ancient festival, and it was thought to have originated from a roman festival called Lupercalia which was held in mid February.

Aphrodite with long blond hair
Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love

The origins of giving roses for Valentines Day are found back in Greek mythology. The prevailing story tells of the love between Aphrodite, the goddess of sexual love and beauty, and Adonis, the god of beauty and desire. Adonis was hunting in the forest one day when he was killed by a wild boar (who was actually Aphrodites' jealous ex-lover Ares, Olympic god of war). Aphrodite was overcome with grief, and as she rushed to be with adonis she pricked her finger on the thorn of a white rose and turned the roses red with her blood. Another version of the story is that the roses grew red through aphrodite’s tears and the blood of adonis, from the ground where he had been killed.

As a result of this, lovers began to give each other flowers to show their love for each other, as a gift on 14th February.

A red rose in a pink circle
Red roses on pink

The Victorians were great proponents of ‘Floriology’, the language of flowers. Flowers were sent to convey messages to a loved one, and the red rose endured then, and now, as the flower of romantic love and passion.

My fine bone china flower mugs feature pink roses. The pink rose is suggestive of a gentler kind of love – that of gratitude and admiration. Sending a pink rose in bud was a sign of first love, and pink roses without thorns meant love at first sight. Some say that pink roses symbolise a love that has not yet reached the bright red of passion… but you say they represent the gentle and steady love that remains once passion has faded. Whichever version you choose, these pink roses are a perfect Valentines Gift.

The gift of roses will forever be linked to Valentines Day. If red roses are too stereotypical and obvious, perhaps opt for the gift of pink roses for Valentines Day. My ‘Two Roses’ mug featuring a pair of pink roses is makes a pretty Valentines gift, and can be filled with whatever your true love loves – whether that be a packet of flower seeds, some chocolates or some delicious artisan tea….

Head over to the website to shop our range of pink roses for Valentines Day, and find the perfect floral gift for your Valentine. Choose from a handmade roses print or a 'Two Roses' mug, with a matching pink rose card.

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