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Keep cool - drink tea

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

It might seem counterintuitive to have a hot drink on a hot day - we need a cool drink chinking with ice, surely! But research has shown that drinking hot tea on a hot day can actually lower your body temperature.

The reason for this according to research is that drinking something warm stimulates the body’s thermo-sensors – a temperature sensitive RNA molecule located in the esophagus/stomach - the body cools down much quicker because of the increase in sweat output.

Researchers in the US found that people drinking warm drinks during exercise had the lower body temperature and cooled down the most overall.

My granny swore by a hot cup of tea on hot day, and she's not alone. Some of the hottest countries in the world have a tradition of drinking hot tea through the hot days. In hot, arid climates and in dry heat, sweat is able to evaporate from the body, so hot drinks have the greatest positive effect.

In many ways, drinking a cup of hot tea on a hot day can help you maintain your body temperature.

I design mugs for garden lovers and tea lovers, so one of my favourite ways to cool down on a hot day is to find cool dappled shade in the garden and sit back with a mug of tea and a good view of the garden - the best way to enjoy the garden in the sun.

Head over to the website to find your #favouriteflowermug - designed for tea in the garden.

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