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Come and visit! South East Open Studio

This year I am excited to be taking part in the South East Open Studio event - or SEOS as it's known. I will be opening the doors of my little studio and am so looking forward to meeting anyone and everyone who pops in to say hello and see what I get up to at the end of the garden.

A wooden plan chest in an art studio
vintage plan chest and packing area in my studio

I've been working sporadically at tidying up but I fear the pressure of an imminent opening date nearer the time might be the impetus I need, in the end. How tidy do you expect an artists studio to be when you visit 🤷‍♀️. I will do my best...

The 'plant sale' sign is a sentimental little thing - my dad used to have a table at the top of the drive where he would sometimes sell plants that he'd grown, with an honesty box for payment. This sign was fixed to the fence at the top of the lane by the church green. I couldn't throw it away when we left, and I like having it in my studio. It seems appropriate to my work and business too.

I have one work area that is for drawing and printing, and another desk where I do my admin, as well as the packing area, above. I also use my studio to store my stock, so it can sometimes become a bit squeezed in here. I will be making space for visitors 😊

The South East Open Studios is a well established event which is now in it's 25th year. The event covers 'Kent, East Sussex, and the Surrey Borders, from Edenbridge to Ramsgate, Rochester to Hastings... and everywhere in between!'

The variety of artists and makers involved includes painting, pottery, jewellery, textiles, sculpture, woodwork, glass, digital art and mixed media.... there's something for everyone. And I know that when I have visited artists studios during this event in the past, it has been so insightful to see artists where they work and to actually have a chat with them about their inspiration and their practice.

It's also a great opportunity to see products in the flesh. So if you would like to have a look at what I do, to see the original prints I make and where I make them, and see the fine bone china mugs and other products in the flesh - please come along and say hello. I am looking forward to meeting many other local artists tucked away around my local area.

I think so far I've been working harder on making the garden presentable than the studio. I know it's an open studio and it's all about the art, but since my studio is in the garden (and since I am also a garden designer) I can't help but feel the pressure to make my outside space beautiful and as welcoming as possible, too.

It's a very new garden but it's getting there - hopefully there will be some things in flower by June 🤞

I will be selling a variety of British floral gifts, including mugs, handmade prints, greeting cards, tea towels, lavender bags and maybe even a deckchair or two!

I will be open on the following dates and times:

Wednesday 8th June 10am - 3pm

Thursday 9th June 10am - 3pm

Friday 10th June 10am - 3pm

Saturday 11th June 12pm - 4pm

Sunday 12th June 12pm - 4pm

Wednesday 15th June 10am - 3pm

Thursday 16th June 10am - 3pm

Friday 17th June 10am - 3pm

Saturday 18th June 12pm - 4pm

Sunday 19th June 12pm - 4pm

You can find more information and an online guide here

I hope to see you then!

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