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A bunch of Daffodils for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and luckily I have just received my latest order of greeting cards which would be perfect for Mother's Day! My 'First bunch of the year' Daffodil print is now available to buy on the website, and now you can buy this print as a greeting card too. So if you're thinking of buying a beautiful bunch of Daffodils for Mother's Day, this bunch of Daffodils greeting card is the perfect partner... and the best thing is, these won't fade.

Daffodils have become synonymous with Mother's Day. There are many reasons why this might be. Some say it's because children would pick Daffodils for their mothers in the churchyard at the Mother's Day service. And of course Mother's Day falls in spring so Daffodils are abundant and beautiful..

In 2013 Daffodils were in such great demand that the Telegraph newspaper reported a national shortage!

No danger of that with my Daffodil greeting cards, which will be in bloom all year round.

Of course I also have my other Daffodil products which make lovely gifts, such as my fine bone china Daffodil mugs, and Daffodil tea towels! Head to the website here to see the full Daffodil range.

I should mention that for me, Mother's Day is a time of reflection and remembering as my mum is no longer with me. She had Alzheimer's disease and passed away in early 2021, and I miss her a lot. So I know that these special days of the year can be tough for some people when you miss the person you're supposed to be celebrating. However, mum is part of the inspiration behind all my floral products - so she's there so much of my art and products.

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