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Handmade art prints of flowers on a brown wood background with fresh flowers

Floral art prints - frequently asked questions

Are your art prints handmade?

Yes, I sell original, handmade prints of flowers.

You are a printmaker - what method of printing do you use to make your prints?

I make all my original flower prints using silkscreen printing. The particular method of silkscreen printing I use is with paper cut stencils, so the whole process is handmade. I draw the flowers by hand, then cut stencils out of paper by hand, and personally pull the ink through the screen by hand for each colour of the print.

Do you have your own art studio?

Yes, all my drawing and printing is done in my garden studio in Kent, UK.

Why do you use the paper cut printing method?

I have always loved the hands-on element of this printing method. Silkscreen printing can be done by fixing an image to a screen with photo emulsion. This can be any image, hand drawn or digital. However, I love the element of craft and creativity in cutting the paper stencils, and the physicality of the ink going through this stencil. I also love the way you can see the edge of the ink on the paper where it has come through the stencil. It is hands-on and physical at each and every stage of the process and involves many elements of creativity.

Are your prints made in the UK?

Yes, all my art prints are made in my garden studio in Kent. I use paint made by a British company to make my print colours.

Do you use British print paper?

Sadly not at the moment. The paper I currently use is Italian, but when this runs out I plan to transition to British-made print paper.

Do you offer a framing service?

Yes, if you have framing requirements in mind please get in touch and I can give you a quote to supply framed artwork.

I use a company based in the West Midlands for framing established in 1992  who offer competitive prices and a wide range of framing options.

A handmade art print of blue forget me not flowers on a pale blue background in a white frame
A hand holding a squeegee pulling pink ink through a silkscreen
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