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floral art print of a yellow dandelion with green stem on a blue background, lying on a grey wood surface

'Dandelion' Limited edition print


A pretty, contemporary screen print of a much maligned English garden flower - the Dandelion. This weed has a beautiful sunburst yellow flower which is the delight of bees and pollinators in Spring. 

This print depicts two Dandelion flowers, one open, one closed and hugged by green bracts. This yellow flower is depicted in bold blocks of bright yellow against a pale blue sky background. 

Each print comes from an original pencil drawing. Paper stencils are cut by hand, and then printed through a silkscreen onto acid free, Fabriano 5 paper in my garden studio in Kent, UK. 


Indulge your passion for wild flowers and enjoy this piece of a spring garden in your home, or give as a gift to a garden lover in your life. 


Please be aware that because this is a handmade product, some minor variations may occur within the editino. 

Supplied flat, unframed. 

Edition of 20. 

Image size 18x18cm 

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