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campanula tea towel in brown paper packaging with purple campanula flowers

Tea towels FAQs

Are your tea towels made in the UK?

Yes. My tea towels are designed, printed and sewn in the UK.

My floral tea towels are manufactured by a company renowned for the tea towels, based in the middle of East Lancashire's traditional traditional cotton and textile heartland.

They are a heritage company dating back to 1918 with over 100 years of experience.

Is the cotton grown in the UK?

No, sadly cotton is rarely made in the UK anymore and the cotton used to make my tea towels is imported.

The cotton itself is grown in the US and sent to a mill in Turkey where it is woven.

The fabric is sent to the UK where it is bleached.

The cutting, sewing, printing and design are all done in England, and each tea towel comes with a 'Made in England' label.

Should I wash tea towels before using?

We recommend that you wash your tea towels before the first use to make them more absorbent.

How do I increase the absorbency of tea towels?

As above, wash your tea towel before use. When you first receive your tea towel it will have been freshly printed - in this state it can be slightly more rigid and the washing process loosens the fabric.

How should I wash my tea towels ?

Wash at 30 degrees and separate light and dark colours to prevent dye fabric crossover.

Ideally you should choose a non bio detergent that doesn't contain any whiteners, bleaching agents or enzymes. These can cause colours to fade or become patchy, and can also damage the fabric over time.

If you prefer not to use chemicals you can wash your tea towels with white vinegar (only ever white vinegar or apple vinegar)  - simply add this (about 240ml) to the detergent drawer of your washing machine. Don't over pack them to reduce the risk of creasing. Then leave your wet tea towels in the machine and add half a cup of baking soda  to the detergent drawer. It helps to balance the pH levels in your household water and helps remove any residue from the printing process on the tea towel. It also helps maintain the brightenss of the colours and whites in the design.

From then on wash as normal in small loads with other tea towels and with half the normal amount of detergent (or continue using white vinegar).

You can use detergent with an added dose of white vinegar at the rinse cycle only as a fabric conditioner.

To help reduce creases dry by hanging on a clothes lline outdoors, or if you prefer to use a tumble dryer remove it soon after it finishes to reduce creasing. Smooth out and reshape.

To keep your tea towels crease free iron while slightly damp. If you have creased tea towels that are dry, spray to dampen and use a steam setting on your iron.

Will the colour stay as fresh as the day I bought it?

Not necessarily, no. Depending on the washing method, washing frequency and the type of detergent used, you can expect the colours to fade a little after washing.

Flower tea towels on washing line in the garden
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