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A row of fine bone china mugs with flower designs on a wooden bench

Fine bone china mugs FAQs

Is your fine bone china made in the UK?

Yes! I only sell fine bone china mugs 100% made in the UK and I’m proud to say that the whole mug is British. 

These British fine bone china mugs only made from Cornish clay. Then the mugs are exclusively made at Duchess China, a Stoke on Trent pottery in Staffordshire dating back to the 1800s. Traditional pottery processes are still used (up to 20 pairs of hands go into making each mug). They can truly be called Staffordshire fine bone china.

With my designs inspired by an English garden, my original artwork and the exceptional quality fine bone china from Stoke, these truly are 100% British fine bone china mugs.

Is fine bone china very delicate?

The word ‘fine’ can suggest that fine bone china is delicate, but it is very strong and durable. The high level of bone ash in fine bone china makes my floral fine bone china mugs extremely strong and gives them the translucent quality unique to fine bone china products. It is one of the toughest and most robust and long-lasting forms of ceramic you can buy.


Can I put my fine bone china mugs in the dishwasher?

Yes! These pretty floral mugs are sturdier than you might think. These are dishwasher safe fine bone china mugs - try not to stack close together or next to sharp objects.


Will fine bone china become stained?

Fine bone china mugs are non porous so they will not stain as easily as some other forms of ceramics.

In addition, these mugs are dishwasher safe. Over time, however, mugs can become stained, especially with regular use with the tannins in tea or coffee.


How do I remove stains from fine bone china mugs?

If your mug does become stained, for chemical-free cleaning simply wash by hand using a small amount of bicarbonate of soda (with the addition of white vinegar for tough stains) on a cloth. Leave this mixture on the mug for stubborn stains. Gently scrub. Rinse thoroughly.

Alternatively use neat washing up liquid on a cloth and rub by hand.

Can I put my fine bone china mug in the microwave?

Yes, all my fine bone china mugs are microwave friendly.  

How do you recommend I use my mug?

For the first use, preheat the mug with medium hot tap water. In rare cases adding boiling water to a cold mug straight away can cause cracking.

What if my mug breaks?

As mentioned above, the first time you use your fine bone china mugs we recommend that you do not fill directly with boiling water. However, in rare cases the mugs can crack. This can be caused by rapid temperature change.

In addition, despite us doing the ‘tap test’ on the mugs to check that they are not damaged before selling, sometimes small air pockets or indiscernible cracks in the china can cause larger cracks when filled for the first time.

If your mug breaks on the first use please let me know along with a photo of the damage and I will replace it for you free of charge.

Is the tea included?

Believe it or not, yes! As long as I have them in stock I will include a tea bag in each mug so they're good to go when you receive it.

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