As a small girl, Charlotte Noar moved with her family from a suburban street near London to a tumbledown mill house in Kent.

It was a magical place and as she grew, the garden grew and captivated Charlotte’s heart.

Decades later, following a very happy childhood spent barefoot outside amongst geese and hens and paddling in streams, Charlotte’s parents became ill. In a heart-wrenching move the house was sold.

Charlotte must say goodbye to her beloved garden, but not before she had drawn the flowers and plants she had come to love so well. With papers and pencil she set about creating a physical record that her garden might live on.


Since then, Charlotte’s initial drawings have grown into a contemporary range of homewares inspired by the theatre, solace and transient beauty of an English garden. With a spirit that nods to tradition but is contemporary in style, her work is a celebration of the community, camaraderie and possibility that every garden holds.
Flowers can connect us to a place, as well as people.
Charlotte’s prints and homewares are a reminder that whilst we can’t stop time from passing by, we can still find beauty in every moment.
Charlotte studied English and Fine Art at Exeter University.
She ran a successful garden design business in London, and also worked as a portrait artist before returning to her love of floral art and printmaking. 
mill house back garden .jpg